How good is Joe Hart? Why Goalimpact might not be a great way to assess keepers

Pep Guardiola seems not to be Joe Hart’s biggest fan. Since Pep’s unveiling as Manchester City’s new manager, rumours have abounded that a new goalkeeper is sought, with Inter’s Samir Handanovic, Barcelona’s Marc-Andre ter Stegen, and Real Sociedad’s promising Geronimo Rulli among those to have been linked with a move to England’s third city. Advocates […]

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Shot-stopping, ft. Bruno Mars

Not all shots are created equal. We know that. Whilst a speculative long-range effort with a crowd of players in the way is just as much a shot as is a David Nugent-style already-on-the-goal-line tap-in (if that reference has gone over your head then skip to 0:52 on this video for the finest finish you’ll ever […]

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Inequality within Football Teams: 32 ≠ 32?

Wealth inequality is bad news for a country’s growth prospects. Everyone’s favourite economist/football analyst/Argentinean wine expert Dan Altman takes up the story here in The New York Times. So how exactly is inequality calculated within a given dataset? Economists apply the Gini coefficient, which, in the omniscient words of Wikipedia “is a measure of statistical dispersion intended […]

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